A software engineer with a WordPress website

After studying linguistics and data science, I’ve been working on projects related to machine translation and speech-to-text applications since 2015. My work involves a mix of tasks, from managing APIs in Python and Node.js to using cloud services like Azure Cloud, Terraform, and Kubernetes.

Talking about changes, I said goodbye to my old Node.js website on GitHub and switched to the more user-friendly WordPress platform. Keeping up with hobby IT projects, much like in corporate settings, is quite a task!


Here are several skills I apply on an almost daily basis. I’ve excluded basic skills such as ‘Agile/Scrum,’ ‘Linux,’ ‘Git,’ ‘SSH,’ and languages like English. Clicking the images will lead you to their respective homepage.

My strongest suits*

  • Honest and adaptable.
  • Consistent and reliable.
  • Can meet high standards.
  • Can assist in finding solutions for others’ interpersonal conflicts.
  • Meticulous, conscientious, diligent, and reliable.
  • Typically has a calming and stabilizing influence.
  • Gives and earns trust.
  • Enjoys serving and helping others.
  • Warm, accommodating, and selfless.

`* Section from a personality test (https://www.insightsbenelux.com/insights-discovery) at a.s.r., June 2023.

Looking further

There is more than code

I have a passion for coding, but my love for people takes precedence. Over the past few years, I’ve found great joy in mentoring junior colleagues, taking the lead in guiding a team of developers, and fostering collaborations with others.

Learn every day

I thrive on learning new things, whether it’s staying updated on Python and package versions, exploring new tools, or delving into management courses and detailed company news, including finances. The pursuit of knowledge in all its forms keeps me engaged and intrigued.


Whether it’s guiding a team of people or steering a project, I find my energy in collaboration. I’ve had the experience of being a team lead for a small development team and an unofficial mentor to colleagues in the past. The dynamics of working together fuel my enthusiasm.


How are you really doing? I genuinely care about people’s feelings and am here to assist with any interpersonal conflicts. I’d love to get to know you better. How about we catch up and share a virtual cup of tea?


I have a preference for analyzing situations and processes with the aim of improvement. This means I can be quite critical, but rest assured, I always maintain a professional and kind approach. Having served as a works council member for four years, I enjoy delving into topics and crafting detailed propositions.