About me

During my bachelors (Linguistics in Nijmegen) and my masters Linguistics and Communication and Information Sciences, I developed an interest for the commond ground between languages and machine learning.

I touched handwriting recognition, sentiment analysis, gender recognition (and other characteristics) based on tweets, and many other aspects of computational linguistics. The fact that one has to deal with differences between and within (a) person's texts, makes natural language processing very interesting and never boring.

Machine Translation
From August 2015 to March 2022, I have worked on the implementation of machine translation at Infor. I worked on machine translating translation projects, automation tools for our department and quality improvement tools (content analysis for our writers and automatic post-edit scripts for our machine translations).
I was a team lead of a team of six (including myself), and I was responsible for creating the roadmaps, programmatical changes that needed to be made and the communication with stakeholders and direct colleagues.

Software Development

What I love about software development, is that every day or hour is different from the next. Or it can be painstakingly similar for hours, if you can't fix the issue. This makes that I never have the 'just another day in office' feeling.

C#, Docker, MySQL/MariaDB
Python, Machine Learning, Node.js/Vue.js
Java, Bash

Leading a team

For about two years, my role changed from (solo) developer to team lead of a team of five. This meant that I had to change my whole mindset: instead of making all programmatical changes myself, I now outsourced most of the work to my team. And because of the bigger size of the team, this meant creating roadmaps and developing leadership skills, instead of pure coding skills. And I loved it!

Code control

Code control is an aspect that I find very important. Code needs to readable, simple and fast. For this, I use the Zen of Python, by Tim Peters. In the current editors (Visual Studio Code, Geany, etc.), there are many packages to help write clean code. But I also think that testing is part of the development process: if you cannot create a (unit)test for it, you must rework your code.